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Alfie is an Italian company specializing  in classic car hire with anything related to classic cars.

Exclusive in Italy and also established abroad, we are  renowed in international historical competitions and group tours.

Precision and the upmost attention to detail, our personalized services always make every event unique. Our reliability with our commitment we boast the most precious collaborations with the best brands in the world; for  feature films, advertising launches and events with Netflix, Dolce&Gabbana, Ralph Lauren , Luis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Rolex,

Our classic cars are kept at their peak condition with perfect efficiency. We are constantly checking and preserving to maintain thier original condition. We transfer our complete enthusium to every crew that gets on board, whether it’s for a tour, for a wedding or for a movie. .

Our passion and our activities are aimed at companies in the incentive, wedding, cinema and tourism sectors.

Our Services

Incentive corporate events

You will be able to offer your collaborators the best emotions  with the best memories.

Thinking of giving the opportunity to govern a prestigious classic car, perhaps one of those you dreamed of as a child, of those considered unreachable, taking it around the best Italian itineraries, together with colleagues, who will more than likely end up as very good friends .

From that day on you will  experience the contact and training you are planning for your team, making dreams come true.

The  classic car incentive corporate event is certainly the most coveted reward given by company managers leaving their mark on the people he frequents every day and igniteing the passion within them.

Our experience in marriage is now consolidated over the years, the precision in the schedules and the assistance from A to Z has made us impeccable on the most important day of our customers’ lives. The  knowledge of the details that a wedding requires is extremly easy for us. We will give much thought in making those moments of pure emotion as serene as possible while driving our classic cars and knowing that everything is unrepeatable, we leave nothing to chance.

The best classic cars in the best condition, with our assistance and experience, you can only relax on the most important day of your life.

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Classic Car Vacation

A Classic car tour with a group of friends is an unforgettable experience. A sunny day with the wind blowing through your hair driving a 1960s convertible with some great food and breathtaking views… all this on a beautiful day that exudes sweet life.

Our staff, chosen with care, will accompany you during this unique experience, providing you with all the information you need to manage the cars together with suggestions on the best itinerary to follow, the best places to visit and typical products to taste. You just need to get on board!

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